House in Mumbai in India

Anno : 2008-2009

progetto ristrutturazione, nuova costruzione, paesaggistico e interni.

Covered Surface: 250 sqm, 140 sqm Outdoors

The artist Sudarshan Shetty’s house in the eastern suburbs of Mumbai of 250 sqm and 140 sqm of teraces area.
It was originally a five bedroom apartment on two floors (17 & 18) of a newly built high-rise. There are 2 large private terraces – one on the 18th floor & another one on the 19th floor. The concept of the project is : open and flexible spaces , in the way to be adapted according to the different necessities. The materials are teak wood, ss brise-solail white painted, stone as kadappa and kota, laquered wooden panels and corian for the furnitures
There is a continuity between the outdoors and indoors: the large kitchen along with a little service room & a living room in the 18th floor era connected trough sliding doors and a wooden-glass shutter door, that is also a caleidoscopic filter of light, when closed.
Part of the terrace is incorporated into the living space with a glazed roofed dinning section. The lower floor was converted to a more private part of the house, where the movie section is separated from the distribution area with an entire wall made in wooden sliding panels, entirely openeable . The 17th floor now has 2 guest bedrooms with it’s attached bathroom. The master bedroom has a little walk-in closet. All the 3 bedrooms open up into a second & more private living room which also doubles as the media room & study.
Thus the 18th floor with it’s terrace provides an ideal setting with ample space for the owners to entertain guests & host dinners.
The smaller private terrace on the 19th floor has been converted into a little bar deck that doubles up as a service space during the day with a washing machine tucked inside.
All the 3 floors of this apartment are connected by an internal staircase which was fabricated out of sheet-metal in order to give it a lightness within the restricted space allocated for the staircase by the builders.

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